The Rocky Mountain Funny Car teams have a long history of competing at almost every track in Western Canada. The series has found success in BC Alberta and Saskachewan as a group. As individuals, the teams race all over the NW,and Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona and California

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Association rules.

1980 or older Funny Car bodies (or, if you have a really COOL nostalgia Pro Mod style body, we might let you come and play with us)

Any engine combination allowed Must be blown alcohol. Transmission and Rear End
Any combination allowed as long as it meets the safety requirements of the sanctioning bodies. NHRA,IHRA

Electronics and Pneumatics.
Data Aquasition is allowed. Tach and shift light allowed. No automated shifters, No timing controls, No delay boxes or any other style of electronics are allowed. Pneumatic controls for staging are allowed, no down track controls allowed.

6.90 secis the index for most races. That is not a hard index meaning you can go over or under the # and the closest to is the top qualifier. The Mission race is 6.80 index, and also works the same way, and also works that way for elimination's.

Type of Races
We run two types of races. Qualifying with eliminations and Chicago style shoot outs. On the Chicago style, every car gets two qualifying passes the two cars that run closest to the index during the qualifiers return for the final.

Points are awarded for participation as well as ALL runs. Prizes are awarded for every weekend winner as well as a season champion.

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