Team Owner: Joey Steckler
Team Driver: Joey Steckler
Team location: Edmonton
Car: 1969 Corvette
Engine: 555 Chevrolet
Chassis: Uyehara Race Cars
Crew: Craig Bourdin , Shelly Steckler, Harley Belitski
Crew chief: Lee Hauff
Sponsors: Joey's Place Auto restoration - Custom Paint // Automotive Machine Services (AMS) CMAX Edmonton
Performance bests: 6.70 @ 207 mph
Team History: Started with first funny car in 2000, running with the IBAA. Joey and crew chief have been together at the start
Drag Racing history: Joey grew up a few blocks from the old Edmonton International Speedway which left a huge impression on him and the reason the nostalgia funny car was such a good fit for him. He has been involved with race cars as the owner of Joey's Place since to late 70's. Joey's Place has painted many of the top race cars in Western Canada. A highlight was being asked to paint Roland Leong's first Hawaiian dragster.
Career highlights in funny car and other classes: 2010- Founding member and co-organizer of the RMNFCA

2010- Year end Champion in the first year of the RMNFCA

Winner of several IBAA club races, Winner of the 2008 IHRA Rocky Mountain nationals.
Runner up at the 2009 NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion.
2013 racing plans: Race with the Rocky Mountain Nostalgia Funny Car Association, NHRA Heritage, compete in Bakersfield for the Reunion.
Future goals: To continue having fun racing with all the great competitors and fans
Favorite racing moment (on or off the track): Winning the IHRA National event. To be in the final round in Bakersfield. Any day racing my friends
Heros of the sport: Many of the great drivers and owners who I watched that raced out of Edmonton as I was growing up such as Terry Capp, Gordie Bonin, Bob Papernick.