December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas to all the RMNFC teams and all the fans

We are working on the 2015 racing schedule and hope to have it posted soon. For sure we will have a number of events at Castrol, we are back at Mission Raceway for the National Open in July as well. Stay tuned for the complete schedule

October 19, 2014

The Reunion. NHRA's biggest Nostalgia event.


Pro 7.0 has two RM Funny Cars in attendance, Jimmy Fersch and Joey Steckler. Joey's best was a 7.24 to sit #18. Jimmy actually had the closest number, a great 6.992, which was actually THE closest run to the 7.00 number in all of qualifying, being only .008 off, it put him near the bottom of the field at #27, because you can't run under the 7.00 index. The #1 qualifier ran .014 off the 7.00 index. They ran a 16 car 'A' field at the race but also had a 'B' field. Joey won round one in the 'B' field over Jess Sturgeon while Jimmy lost in round one in the 'B' to Jesse Adams in a close .014 finish line stripe.

In round two Joey, Joey went 7.06 to defeat a 7.38 by Andre Pegues. Steckler got the bye run in the semis and coasted to a 9 second automatic win. In the final, he face regular 7.0 hitter Jesse Adams. The two left within six thou of each other, but Adams took the close win running a 7.046 to a close 7.094 . Good job by Steckler to cap off the 2014 season.

Also of note on the weekend was Cal Tebb making some hits in Tim Boychuk's Nitro Funny Car in Phoenix (was wondering why Tim wasn't at Bakersfield). Cal licensed and got his his first ever 5 second pass, a 5.96/238. (Cal ran a 6.00 or 6.02 when he raced TAFC ten years ago). Wonder what the future holds for Cal?

With a number of new teams for next year including a Mageau family member, the RMNFC assoc. looks forward to a banner year.



Final qualifying.

1 6153 7PRO Chuck Roark, Great Falls MT, '23 Ford 7.017 7.00 0.017
2 791 7PRO Richard High, Lake Havasu City AZ, '05 Dr 7.025 7.00 0.025
3 750E 7PRO Eily Stafford, El Cajon CA, '01 Hansen 7.027 7.00 0.027
4 6183 7PRO Troy Sitko, Edmonton AB, '23 Ford 7.028 7.00 0.028
5 225 7PRO Ronnie Lennon, Sonoma CA, '32 Bantam 7.029 7.00 0.029
6 1216 7PRO Steve Walczak, Rochester NY, '32 Bantam 7.033 7.00 0.033
7 6136 7PRO Mark Venance, Streamstown AB, '23 Ford 7.043 7.00 0.043
8 731J 7PRO Brad Denney, Visalia CA, '32 Bantam 7.055 7.00 0.055
9 D776 7PRO Bobby Cottrell, Whittier CA, -460 7.058 7.00 0.058
10 6532 7PRO Dewayne Sanders, Albany OR, '98 Tuttle 7.066 7.00 0.066
11 676M 7PRO Chris Marshall, Mcminnville OR, '37 Topol 7.072 7.00 0.072
12 7212 7PRO Paul Peterson, Trabuco Canyon CA, '48 Fiat 7.081 7.00 0.081
13 7788 7PRO Todd Ellingson, Arcata CA, '23 Ford 7.088 7.00 0.088
14 7216 7PRO Aaron Wardell, Rancho Cordova CA, '03 Ste 7.098 7.00 0.098
15 754G 7PRO Rod Horn, Oroville CA, '71 Mustang 7.117 7.00 0.117
16 821 7PRO Chris Mazany, Auckland NZ, '69 Mustang 7.161 7.00 0.161
17 7888 7PRO Don Dicero, Vacaville CA, '23 Ford 7.180 7.00 0.180
18 658 7PRO Joey Steckler, Edmonton AB, '69 Corvette 7.241 7.00 0.241
19 770 7PRO Errol Sharron, Las Vegas NV, '02 Stirling 7.283 7.00 0.283
20 7183 7PRO Jesse Adams, Yuba City CA, Dragster-540 7.326 7.00 0.326
21 728J 7PRO Jess Sturgeon, Costa Mesa CA, '00 N & P 7.356 7.00 0.356
22 792 7PRO Jason Richey, Livermore CA, '11 Richey 7.372 7.00 0.372
23 7039 7PRO Chaysse Trimp, Wilton CA, '43 Hew SPL 7.393 7.00 0.393
24 644 7PRO Leon Aines, Qualicom Beach BC, '67 Canso 7.397 7.00 0.397
25 7812 7PRO Andre Pegues, Sacramento CA, '73 Mustang 7.503 7.00 0.503
26 7608 7PRO Jerry Buckley, Talent OR, '12 Comstock 7.555 7.00 0.555
27 6045 7PRO Jim Fersch, Drayton Valley AB, '71 Barrac 6.992 7.00 -0.008
28 6265 7PRO Mark Tarabochia, Astoria OR, '71 Cuda 6.985 7.00 -0.015
29 713F 7PRO Lawton Ferreira, Spring Valley CA, '48 To 6.972 7.00 -0.028

October 9, 2014

A week away before the Hot Rod Reunion in Bakersfield. Joey Steckler and Jimmy Fersch are heading South for one of the largest gatherings in North America for nostalgia style cars. SpeedZone Magazine will be covering the event and we will have a few updates here as well.

October , 2014

Cal Tebb gets the three peat

Rayz and Nina Garron photos

( a photo gallery to come. )

Points are posted.

After what seemed like a really long season came down to the final points race at Edmonton September 20-21. The 6.90 index was surrounded on Saturday with Cal Tebb getting the #1 qualifier in one run and Joey Steckler getting it on the other run. The two squared off in the final round and Joey picked up the win with a .03 under 6.870 to a very close 6.946.

Saturday Qualifying order
#1 Cal Tebb 6.901
#2 Joey Steckler 6.925
#3 Jimmy Fersch 6.873
#4 Shane Reykdal 6.831
#5 Ryan Hodgson 7.024
#6 Norm Kolwich 7.173

Saturday Final
Joey Steckler 6.870 Winner Cal Tebb 6.946 Runner Up


The teams made one timed run because the timing system was malfunctioning. On the one run we made Joey Steckler was closest to the index at 6.886.

Due to the clock malfunctions, the teams decided to have some fun and just make no holes barred all out runs. Cal and Shane tuned up their cars for the fun run with no 1/4 mile times (only 1/8th). The crews loved seeing and hearing the cars being unleased a bit, and the sound of the high RPM staging.

A sad note of one of the competitors who planned on racing on the weekend. Roddy McMillan, hot after his double up win at the last Edmonton event, fell while unloading his car from his trailer. He did get hurt and could not compete on the weekend. He is recovering and we wish him well.

A couple of the new guys were outing getting laps on their cars as well and are looking forward to the 2015 season.

Rayz and Nina Garron photos

Mickey Thompson/Trail Tire Winner

This award is given to the racer with the highest total points for the weekend Cal Tebb and Joey Steckler were tied, each with 70 points. Since Joey won on Saturday and qualified best on Sunday, he was awarded the winners plaque for the weekend.

The Good Vibrations Quick Reaction Time award for the weekend went to Cal Tebb with his .046 light on Saturday

Cal Tebb gets a hat trick on RMNFCA Championships 2012, 2013, and 2014.

A great association dinner Saturday eveing always makes the weekend a blast!


Rimby exhibition

(Nina Garron photos)

The brand new Rimby track welcomed us for their National Open weekend.

It was only the third race to be held at the race track, But good turnout of bracket cars, maybe 75 to 100 cars, bikes, sleds put on a great show. It is 1/8th mile concrete with asphalt shut down, concrete barriers, has great potential for the future.

Traction was a bit tricky as the new surface was very smooth and flat but with little texture on the surface the rubber and traction compound did not adhere as good as it could. But is was a real fun event. If they shot blast the surface to give it a bit of texture the surface will be awesome.

Four cars turned out for the event including Al Weich, Shane Reykdal, Cal Tebb and Track President Cory Kincaid.

Wild Al Weich was the king, setting a track record 4.63 @159mph on his first pass. Al just poured the power to it and spun the tires most of the way down the track. He broke on Saturday though and could not run Sunday. Shane, Cory and Cal had traction problems, but still enjoyed the weekend.

September 2, 2014

Race 4 of the Mickey Thompson/Trail Tires series in Drayton Valley would prove to be very interesting. Being the only race held on a air strip it would require some creative tuning to get the cars down the track. Most of the cars struggled horribly with the race surface, but two old veterans got it figured out. On the first round Cal Tebb tuning his own car was good for the fastest time with his 7.52 @188 mph. On the second round, Serge Dion tuning Jimmy Fersch's Cuda found the magic combination to put Jimmy at the top of the field. His blistering fast (for this track) 7.15 @196 mph was the fast pass of round 2. That set up the final of Cal Tebb and Jimmy Fersch. Because this is a race and a show, it was an all run final with Cal and Jimmy running at the back of the pack for the win. And WOW what a race it was, possibly one of the closest races seen by our fans. Cal had a slight advantage at the tree, the cars juggled back and forth all the way down the track, then Cal crossed the finish line first by inches with his 7.16 to Jimmy's 7.17. Margin of victory was .053. Both cars were just under 200 mph which isn't too bad for an air strip. Wild Al Weich had ripped off a 202 mph on his last run for fast mph on the weekend. The "Good Vibrations" quick reaction time winner for the weekend was Cal Tebb with his .069 light.

Photos to come.


September 1, 2014

Points after Drayton Valley event are posted.



August 24th.

Mission Raceway Smoke Fire and Thunder/Canadian National Open

The hardest aspect of the 2014 season was the rescheduling of the Mission Open event to the new August Date. Due to many circumstances is was the only date Mission could fit in and unfortunately for the Rocky Mountain teams having two races ( a double header and the Hot August night race) plus the Drayton race the week after Mission forced many teams to opt out of Mission. It is one of their favorite races but parts attrition and new travel plans when so many teams book holidays around Mission made it impossible. The hope was to have a couple Edmonton racers make the trek, but when a couple broke the week before it was down to Cal Tebb from Alberta. Three BC teams including Brent Murray who has run with the group before, Tyson Wells a newcomer to nostalgia Funny Car racing, wasdebuting his Corvette and long time funny car racer Leon Aines were scheduled to be part of the show which would help. Unfortunately Aines did not make it to the starting line so it was a three horse race, for the Wally.

Cal Tebb lead qualifying with a 6.75 Brent Murray was #2 with a 6.90 and Tyson who was having Burst panel issues was on a solid 6.8-6.9 pass on two of his runs had the wick go out around 900 feet and coasted with a 7.24 best.

An earlier test run saw the car go 5.87 so it was very frustrating for the new team which was boasting a long time veteran Bill Edwards Sr as a consultant.

Cal had the bye in round one and went 6.81/207, he was ready for the final. Murray ran Wells. Wells went .01 red handing the win to Murray, and he would take on Tebb in the final.

It was a great final round as Tebb got a slight lead but both car were on solid runs.

Whoever had the stronger tune-up would take the stripe. It was Cal Tebb running a great 6.76/206 to narrowly defeat Murray 6.86/205.

The margin was a tenth of a second at the finish line. Cal won the "Good Vibrations" QRT award for his final round RT.


August 15-16 Edmonton

Roddy McMillan was the dominant driver at the Mickey Thompson/Trail Tire series event in Edmonton race just three days after Hot August Nights.

Mickey Thompson/Trail Tire event double header winner Roddy McMillan

He was the top qualifier in run two on Saturday with a 6.93 and Shane Reykdal was the top guy in run one with a 6.92. In the final round both drivers were .06 away from the 6.90 number. Shane's run was a 6.96 while Roddy's was a 6.84. Using the soft index in 2014, down to the thousandth's of a second in et and including RT's as the total package, the winner was McMillan by .010. What a race! The "Good Vibrations" award winner was Joey Steckler with a .013 light.

Sunday was another day of firsts. Wild Al Weich spent all day Saturday working on his car in the pits, and missed all his qualifiers. So come Sunday morning, he was ready to roll! His 6.887 @206 mph on the first qualifier was good for the #1 spot. Roddy McMillan was still on a high from his first ever win on Saturday, but he kept the momentum going and ripped off a 6.883 on his second run, good for the #2 spot. The final was over at the line when Wild Al had premature acceleration (-224 red) handing the win to Roddy. However, Roddy ran a near perfect 6.893 combined with an .025 light so he would have been pretty tough to beat even if Al hadn't gone RED. The "Good Vibrations" quick reaction winner was Joey Steckler once again with his telepathic .001 light.


August 12, 2014

Hot August Nights

Castrol Raceway. One of the most popular events of the season is 'Hot August Nights' in Edmonton. This event has been on Castrol's schedule for a couple decades and the Rocky Mountain boys are stoked to be a part of it every year. Due to the nature of the race we can't run full elimination's so we tune up the cars and make two hits in front a huge crowd. 8 regulars were in attendance. We had bonus $$$ for closest to 6.90 and QRT. Cal's .022 light in the first round was the winner of the "Good Vibrations" QRT. Shane Reykdal's 6.93 was holding the best run until Cal came up for a single at the back of the pack, last run of the night. Cal's 6.91 @ 205 mph stole the #1 spot. The reason for the single was Ryan Hodgson ran against the Synoil TAFC instead of the Rocky group. Both of Ryan's runs runs at H.A.N. were in the 6.50's, as he is making more tuned up runs to get more experience going faster in preparation for his Nitro debut in 2015.

August 5, 2014

Points are updated.

July 30, 2014

Here is an in-car and out of car video of the Goudreau/Fersch crash. A great driving job by Jimmy Fersch after the fact kept it from being worse.


Special thanks got out to the safety people again. They were there in a hurry. Due to the incident we were forgetful to thank Good Vibrations for their best RT award at the event. It went to Cal Tebb for his stellar .0126 RT. And thanks go out to the points funds event sponsors for 2014 including Red Max Racing (Roddy McMillen) , Big West Dodge (Jimmy Fersch) and Cheyenne Oil Well Services (Ryan Hodgson). All three are an intregal part of the series and are solid competitors in the Rocky Moutnain Funny Car group. The commitment they have made to running the series and supporting it says a lot about what they feel about the sport. Support them if you have a business in their related fields.

July 28, 2014

A note to yesterday's story about the unfortunate crash

The Prince George staff and owner(s) are doing wonders with that facility trying to make it better all the time. And they have made huge improvements in just the last year. Where else will you find a track with a stocked fishing lake, a mini golf course, firewood for racers camping, a park like setting and I believe some electrical hook ups. On-Track improvement are also evident based on the number of six second runs made on the weekend with only five cars in attendance. Keep up the good work, the incident was just one of those racing accidents that do happen. Kudos for a great job and all the Rocky Mountain guys are looking forward to seeing an even better and more improved track in 2015.

July 27, 2014

From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows is how to describe the last couple races for the "Wild West Racing Team" and Landon Goudreau. After earning the win from the rain delayed event the beginning of June Landon experienced the worst possible misfortune in the Final round of the Saturday race at Prince George. Landon ran a 6.81 in the round robin runs and was inserted into the final round when the #1 qualifier Cory Kincaid could not make the call after his 6.96. GOudreau would face off against Jimmy Fersch in the Big West Dodge Cuda. (Fersch ran a 6.96 in the qualifying rounds. Both cars were one decent runs but just past half track Landon got loose after running through a slight bumpy spot in the right lane. He was off the gas but the Arrow turned hard left and hit Jimmy's Cuda in the right rear tire area. It caused Jimmy to go up on two wheels but he managed to keep the car on the track right side up. Fersch straddled the centre line and too out the two finish line cones and suffered a bit of front end damage to go along with the right rear side. Landon's car suffered extensive damage in the hit and subsequent ride along the barriers. Luckily both drivers were okay in the incident. Jimmy was awarded the win despite crossing over the centre line as Landon was DSQ'ed first.

After last's year event at the BC interior track on a green track ad very little rubber on it, the surface was prepped real well it is just a bit bumpy due to it not being ground after the concrete was poured. The teams made their qualifying runs and it was evident that the surface was going to deliver much better performance. All the cars made 6 second laps and Goudreau did go as quick as a 6.81. Hopefully Landon can get back to the track as soon as possible.


We will try and get photos up in the next few days.

July 16, 2014

The run-off from the final round from the rained out June 1st weekend event was held at the Rocky Nationals. In it, it was Landon Goudreau against Cal Tebb as those two were the closest to the 6.90 soft index from qualifying. The final was run during the second qualifier at the Rocky Mountain Nationals. The cars were close in reaction time but Landon pulled ahead by 400 feet and crossed the finish line first with a 6.86 to Cal's game 6.99. Landon took the win and moved into second place in the standing 20 points back of Cal. The point standings are posted.


Six teams are headed to Prince George next weekend for that track's largest event of the season. Hot August nights in Edmonton follows that event and then it is a double header at Edmonton August 16-17 and then rescheduled Canadian National Open (Wally Race) August 22-24.

July 7, 2014

(Photo gallery is here)

Robert Wilson photos

Event report

Shane Reykdal used solid reaction times and consistency to win this years Rocky Mountain Nationals



Having to change the rules just prior to the Rocky Mountain Nationals does not change the winning ways the Rocky Floppers have had since the association was formed a half decade ago. Allowing Altereds and the hard index back to the event caused ripples to the 6.90 class but in the end their solid group of racers dominated the event this past weekend. 17 cars attended the event and 6 of the top 8 qualifiers were Rocky Mountain Funny Car competitors. All but one of the team drivers made the 16 car field.

Joey Steckler showed once again he is a player, as he hit the 6.90 index dead on with a zero, to qualify #1. Norm Kolwich has also had qualifying luck as he was #2 in the field only 1/100ths off perfect.

Jimmy Fersch and Ryan Hodgson were 4 and 5 in the field and rounding out the top eight from the Rocky Mountain assoc were Shane Reydkal and Allan Weich (#7 and #8).

The only non qualifier was David Brant as he made his debut with his new 55 Thunderbird REAPER Flopper. What a sweet ride for sure and the kids absolutely loved it. One or two more runs down the track and he will be dialed in.

In elimination's, there were a couple stellar round one pairings and none bigger than #7 Shane Reykdal and #10 Cal Tebb. These two are two of the best in the association and had had a couple epic battles over the last three years. This one was exciting, as both drivers ran awesome 6.99's. Cal was a bit better on the et with a 3 for the third number compared to Shane's 9, but Shane got the holeshot and carried that through to the slimmest of victories and he was off two round two. Steckler defeated one of the others association's drivers Scott Bourdin with an almost 2/10ths better et (7.01-7.19). Roddy McMillen was deadly in the #8 vs #9 pairing against Allan Weich. McMillen ran less than 2/100ths of the 6.90 with a 6.912 to Weich's too fast 6.877. The soft index would have made this race real close. Jimmy Fersch was a bit tardy on the tree and he gave up over 2/10ths on the starting line and could not play catch up with Cody Anstead. (7.15-6.95) Troy Sitko in the altered defeated Darrell Webb 6.97-7.21. Cory Kincaid got the round one victory over the other altered in the field driven by Reg Deforest 7.10-7.54. Ryan Hodgson stayed close to the index with a 6.94-7.43 win over Devin Pelrine. And Landon Goudreau got his car back close to the number with a 7.00 upset of #2 qualifier Norm Kolwich.


In round two McMillen narrowly defeated Joey Steckler 6.98-7.00, Reykdal got the break he needed defeating Landon Goudreau who was forced under the index by .005.

Reykdal ran 7.06 but going under meant.... you lose! Hodgson defeated Anstead by only a few thousandths as he was a bit late on the tree. A 7.05 - 7.22 meant Hodgson was off to the semis.

In the final 1/4 final race, Kincaid lost a close one to Troy Sitko 6.95-6.97.

Semi Finals

Shane Reykdal used his luck from round two to his advantage in the semis against hitter Troy Sitko. Shane got a huge starting line holeshot and held of a hard charging Sitko. 6.99 to a close 6.92. Good job Shane. Hodgson made a great semi final run, going 6.92 to a too quick 6.84 by McMillen

Final round.

In the final Shane again was deadly with a .25 rt compared to Ryan's decent .096. Ryan had to play catch up on the track and at 1100 feet they were neck and neck. Crossing the finish line Ryan got there first with a 6.897, oh 3/1000ths too quick. Reykdal runs a 6.982 and gets the win by virtue of that 3/1000ths break out. A real tough way to lose, by Shane being deadly on the tree earns him the Ironman for 2014. Congrat's to Shane and wife WiIlma and the entire "E-Town Hustler" team.

Round by round eliminations recap

Round 1 – Joey Steckler, 7.012, 182.87 def. Scott Bourdin, 7.192, 191.40; Roddy McMillan, 6.912, 202.61 def. Allan Weich, 6.877, 206.07; Cody Anstead, 7.152, 189.31 def. Jim Fersch, 6.956, 202.67; Troy Sitko, 6.970, 168.60 def. Darrel Webb, 7.217, 192.93; Shane Reykdal, 6.998, 196.85 def. Cal Tebb, 6.993, 193.77; Cory Kincaid, 7.103, 191.08 def. Reg DeForest, 7.544, 186.72; Ryan Hodgson, 6.946, 194.69 def. Darrell Pelrine, 7.433, 178.05; Landon Goudreau, 7.007, 201.31 def. Norm Kolwich, 7.376, 143.72

Round 2 – McMillan, 6.988, 209.30 def. Steckler, 7.005, 201.55; Reykdal, 7.061, 180.04 def. Goudreau, 6.895, 205.54; Hodgson, 7.054, 199.49 def. Anstead, 7.228, 186.72; Sitko, 6.956, 187.83 def. Kincaid, 6.976, 203.77

Semis – Reykdal, 6.996, 196.90 def. Sitko, 6.926, 191.67; Hodgson, 6.926, 202.73 def. McMillan, 6.842, 211.49

Final – Reykdal, 6.982, 197.62 def. Hodgson, 6.897, 202.18

Rocky Mountain Nationals final qualifying

1. Joey Steckler 69 Corvette 6.900, 205.04
2. Norm Kolwich 53 Corvette 6.901, 200.71

3. Troy Sitko 6.918, 196.93
4. Jim Fersch 70 Cuda 6.924, 202.30
5. Ryan Hodgson 78 Trans Am 6.927, 204.73

6. Reg DeForest 6.931, 199.11
7. Shane Reykdal 80 Omni 6.977, 199.61
8. Allan Weich 70 Challenger 6.983, 200.41
9. Roddy McMillan 69 Mustang 6.996, 189.98
10. Cal Tebb 69 GTO 6.997, 200.41
11. Cory Kincaid 55 Chevy 7.040, 198.76

12. Darrell Pelrine 7.046, 197.45
13. Cody Anstead 7.151, 189.34
14. Darrell Webb 7.218, 193.77
15. Landon Goudreau 77 Arrow 7.278, 155.88
16. Scott Bourdin 7.352, 188.91
17. David Brant 55 Ford 8.086, 160.82

Friday qualifying

1. Troy Sitko 6.918, 196.93; 2. Jim Fersch 6.924, 202.30; 3. Reg DeForest 6.931, 199.11; 4. Roddy McMillan 6.996, 189.98; 5. Cal Tebb 6.997, 200.41; 6. Ryan Hodgson 7.011, 200.35; 7. Joey Steckler 7.033, 202.42; 8. Shane Reykdal 7.035, 193.35; 9. Allan Weich 7.040, 192.33; 10. Norm Kolwich 7.055, 201.73; 11. Cody Anstead 7.204, 188.96; 12. Darrell Webb 7.233, 194.32; 13. Cory Kincaid 7.234, 194.24; 14. Scott Bourdin 7.359, 187.76; 15. Darrell Pelrine 7.657, 183.79; 16. David Brant 8.086, 160.82; 17. Landon Goudreau 6.878, 209.39

June 26, 2014

We are just a week away from the Rocky Mountain Nationals. Many of the teams are dialed in to the 6.90 index already. The only unfortunate thing is that it is going to be a hard index instead of the soft one (not going to be over/under) and they are allowing open wheel altereds and RED's this year. It will still be a great time. Make sure you head out to Castrol next weekend.

June 13, 2014 update (photos added) --------

June 3, 2014

Weather keeps the Sunday winner from being crowned in the first RMNFC weekend.

(photos to come)

The Rocky Mountain Floppers had their first stop of the 2014 season at Castrol Raceway in Edmonton over the weekend. It was the first of five MT/Trail Tire points races. Eight of the regulars were in attendance. It was set up as a Chicago style shoot out where only the #1 and #2 qualifiers return for the last run of the day to provide the daily winner. It was the first opportunity to try out the new soft index, closest to 6.90 on either side of the number.

After the first round of qualifying on Saturday Cal Tebb held the #1 spot with his 6.891. The #1 spot held till Shane Reykdal ripped off a 6.896 on his second qualifier.

None of the other racers were able to knock Shane or Cal out of their spots so the final was set. By late afternoon the clouds rolled in and the rain started. So it was decided that the Saturday final would be run on Sundays 2nd qualifying pass.


(It would be a qualifying pass for Sunday and a Saturday final) The race was decided on the line when Shane went red, so Cal had his first win of the year. Would have been an awesome race had Shane not gone red, because Cal ran 6.941 and Shane Ran a 6.943.

Sunday morning brought lots of sun and a clear sky. After one day of racing the tuners were now getting a handle on the cars, lots of mid 80 and mid 90 runs.

Jimmy Fersch and Cal Tebb met up for another grudge match in round one, Jimmy brought a knife to a gun fight, his .105 light and a 6.84 were no match for Cal's .022 light and a 6.907. Cal's run was good enough to hold for Sundays #1 spot.

We had to go to the mph to declare the 2nd qualifier, Landon Goudreau ran 6.869 at 204.9, Wild Al Weich ran 6.869 at 204.1. So Landon would move on to his first final of the year.

Landon went to three finals last year (first year in the car) but didn't bring home any wins yet. Once again, the clouds and rain rolled in late afternoon and final was postponed. It was agreed that it will be run off at the next race during qualifying.


The Good Vibrations RT winners were:

Shane Reykdal with is .029 light on Saturday
Cal Tebb with his .022 light on Sunday

Saturday's top 3 qualifiers

Shane Reykdal 6.896
Cal Tebb 6.891
Jimmy Fersch 6.875

Sundays top 3 qualifiers
Cal Tebb 6.907
Landon Goudreau 6.869
Al Weich 6.869 (lower mph)


Points after first race ( minus Sundays final)

Cal Tebb 100
Shane Reykdal 80
Landon Goudreau 70
Jimmy Fersch 60
Norm Kolwich 60
Ryan Hodgson 55
Al Weich 55
Cory Kincaid 20



May 29, 2014

The 2014 season is here!!!!

The Rocky Mountain Nostalgia Funny Car class opens their 5th season this weekend with a double header "Chicago style" event at Castrol Raceway. Nine of the series 14 drivers will compete and possibly one or two of the new members will be out to test their new cars and start licensing procedures. The Chicago style work on the platform where the two closest drivers (one from each run) to the 6.90 soft index will return for the final round. This year new rule (the soft index) means that a driver can go under or over the set number (which is 6.90 at Edmonton) and advance. Running a 6.91 is the same as a 6.89. It should make the competition even closer and more competitive. The nine racers lining up this weekend include Cal Tebb, Jimmy Fersch, Norm Kolwich, Shane Reykdal, Roddy McMillen, Ryan Hodgson, Cory Kincaid, Landon Goudreau and Al Weich.

The two time defending champion Cal Tebb is probably the favorite, for one main reason ...... consistency. He never swings for the fences and tries to stay close to that 6.90 number. His car is almost boring in that you know what is will run most of the time. He is decent on the tree as well, so you know he will battle in every round.

Third year player Jimmy Fersch went with a new clutch combo for this year and he will be a serious threat to Cal's goal of three-peating. His car is one of the quickest in the class, but he lost round points of a few occasions last year due to running a tad quicker than the set set index. He finished in 3rd place last season but easily dropped 30-50 points for running under the index.

Shane Reykdal finished second in 2013, and this 3rd year player is one of the best on the tree, but he needs to find a bit more consistency in his race day set up.

Sophomore players Ryan Hodgson and Landon Goudreau are real serious players as well and both have cars capable on any track surface.

With a bit more seat time they too will challenge at every event. Norm 'Hollywood' Kolwich in entering his third year as well and he has been hot and cold. At his first ever event he went to the final round, but consistent runs in the 6.80's and 90's have been his kryptonite.

Long time funny car racer Joey Steckler can never be counted out as his car is one of the most consistent in the assoc, but he has lost a few races on holeshots.

He has been shy to run his car harder than the index but he has a brand new twin bullet which means he will be more aggressive this year. Everyone better watch their side window.

Roddy McMillen is the bad boy of the class as he just like to run fast. He has gone in the 6.40's in his hemi powered Mustang and is really just a guy who likes to smoke the hides and then his competition regardless of what the index is.

Cory Kincaid is basically a showman. His 55 Chevy is one of the more unique floppers out there and his goal is to make strong runs and then have a good time in the evening with all the others racers. Al Weich is the old style racer of the group.

What else can you say about one of the first nostalgia funny car owner/ drivers to bring back the 70's style funny cars. He brought the Gene Snow Rambunctious Charger to the Hot Rod Reunion in 1993 and is was the only flopper at the event that year. From there the funny car revolution is in full stride. He buys and sells Funny Cars as often as old timer racers change the rod bearings. Last year was the first real season Al has taken his driving and tune-up seriously and it showed as he was in the 6.80's and 90's on a regular basis.

The battle this year will be the toughest in association history and I expect five or six different winners before the season ends.


The 2014 rules and regulations are posted here.

The 2014 points earning systems are posted here.


April 27, 2014

We are very sad to post that Brent Harris a great friend of our series and part time competitor in it passed away yesterday. He will be sadly missed by every in the RMNFC series, all their family and friends and crew as well. Brent was one of the nicest guys you could meet or compete against. He raced with us at the Rocky Mountain event and was a very popular racer. RIP Brent.

There is a memorial page started at Speedzone Magazine and we invite all to post their thoughts and feelings and photos of Brent. E-Mail address is


April 1st

Trail Tire, the major sponsor for the series points races have a new logo. The winner of each points race receives a set of new M/T rear slicks.


March 26, 2014

A cool poster of all the teams in the RMNFC assoc. put together by Minou Kincaid From the Kincaid Funny Car team.

March 16, 2014

The Association had their AGM this weekend and the biggest news is the addition of a couple new teams and the changing of their hard index. The rules previous to this year meant the drivers had to be right on the index or slower, if you ran under then the run did not count or was put to the back of the field depending on how many teams were competing. The new rule is the closest to the set index (6.90's at most races) above or below. That means that a 6.899 is just as good as a 6.901. Or a 6.88 is as good as a 6.92. This is a great rule and will make the racing even closer and more exciting.

The new teams coming into the group for 2014 are Ron Stennes. He bought Ron Sekura's Chevy II. The other new team is Terry Hiller Racing. He purchased the old Tim Nemeth Mustang Nitro funny Car. We are working on new team pages for these new teams. Here is Ron Stennes page so far. Here is Terry Hillers page so far

March 9, 2014

The March Meet is this weekend. Only one RMNFC car made the long trek South this year. Ryan Hodgson made his debut and acquitted himself real well. He qualified in the middle of the pack with a 7.09 and won round one with a 7.03. That was where his weekend ended though as he fell in in round going 7.10. His opponent ran a 7.05. (Speedzone Magazine photo)

February 12, 2014

The new name for our points series is the POWER TOUR. The class will be rebranded the "Pro 6.90" class for the Rocky Mountain Nationals as well.

Here is our 2014 schedule

PRO 6.90 2014 POWER TOUR

May 31 and June 1 Edmonton, AB MT/Trail Tire 2 day Chicago style shoot out: Points Race

July 4-6 Edmonton, AB Rocky Mountain Nationals Ironman Race Qualifying and Eliminations: No Points

July 19-20 Mission, BC Canadian National Open Wally Race, Qualifying and Eliminations: Points Race

July 26-27 Prince George, BC 3rd Full Blown Drags 2 day Chicago style shoot out, Points Race

August 13 Edmonton, AB Hot August Night Exhibition, No Points

Aug 16-17 Edmonton, AB MT/Trail Tire 2 day Chicago style shoot out Points Race

Aug 30-31 Drayton Valley, AB Thunder in the Valley MT/Trail Tire 2 day Chicago style shoot out: Points Race

Sept 6-7 Rimbey, AB NHRA National Open Exhibition No Points

Sept 20-21 Edmonton, AB MT/Trail Tire 2 day Chicago style shootout: Points Race


February 4, 2014

Here is a little video put togather by Robert Fedyk.

It's gotta get ya in the mood




February 2, 2014

The 2014 schedule will be posted soon.

Three races you can count on are the Rocky Mountain Nationals July 4-6, the Mission National Open July 18-20, and Thunder in the Valley at Drayton Valley the Labour day long weekend.

Stay tuned!



January 7, 2014

Last weekend Gordie Bonin's family and friends held a celebration of life in his home town of Red Deer. The Canadian Drag Racing icon died just over a month ago in Las Vegas. To say he was instrumental to putting Canada on the map drag racing wise is an understatement to say the least. He started his racing career like many did, racing Bracket cars and Stockers at local Alberta tracks. He moved up to an injected FED and within a year of driving that he got a call that changed his life and the Canadian Drag Racing landscape. Gord Jenner called Gordie and told him to head down to Southern California and try out a Nitro Funny Car. He did and within two events we was already a winner, and the rest they say, is history.

He along with car owners Gord Jenner and Ron Hodgson put Canada on the map and over the next decade and a half Canada's presence in big time drag racing grew by leaps and bounds. Many of the drivers in our series saw Gordie as one of the main reasons they got into the sport. He will be missed by many.


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