January 4, 2016

Happy New Year to all the RMNFC fans and friends.

Big congratulations to Cal Tebb and Anne Lamers on becoming grandparents.


December 27, 2015

Happy Holidays to all the racers and race fans.

2016 will be a very exciting year for the series. All our events this year will include the IBAA. That group includes a half dozen blown alky funny cars and altereds and will likely compete with us at the Edmonton events, and possibly others. They are also welcome to be a part of our races outside of Castrol Raceway so the potential is for some large fields of tire smoking 200 mph floppers and altereds.

The schedule for the Rocky Mountain Funny Cars for 2016 is as follows:

Race #1 June 4-5th Edmonton

Race #2 July 15-17th Edmonton (Rocky Mountain Nationals)

Race #3 July 22-24th Mission (Canadian National Open)

Race #4 Aug 10th (Hot August Night) 2 exhibition runs only

Race #5 Aug 13-14th Edmonton

Race #6 Sept 3-4th Edmonton

(More races are possible)

ALL races will be qualifying and eliminations races (except Hot August Night). We are hoping to have 16 car fields at most races, so Saturday would be 2 qualifiers and then first round of eliminations. That would leave 8 cars in for Sunday and 3 rounds of eliminations. ALL Edmonton races will be 6.95 index, Mission will be 6.80.



October 31, 2015

Final points are posted.

Joey qualified in the top half of the field and won round one, but went .025 too fast in round two and was done for the weekend.

Round one Joey vs Mark


Round one: Joey Steckler .133rt 7.033/201.16 def. Mark Vanence 6.954/191.84

Round two: Jerry Buckley .029 7.16/186. def. Joey Steckler .142 6.975/201.13

Final qualifying

1 770 7PRO Errol Sharron, Las Vegas NV, '02 Stirling 7.001 7.00 0.001
2 7788 7PRO Todd Ellingson, Eureka CA, '23 Ford 7.006 7.00 0.006
3 7295 7PRO Billy McDevitt, Concord CA, '03 Uyehara 7.008 7.00 0.008
4 503 7PRO Joe Percoco, Conifer CO, '23 Ford 7.013 7.00 0.013
5 6183 7PRO Troy Sitko, Edmonton AB, '23 Ford 7.015 7.00 0.015
6 731J 7PRO Brad Denney, Visalia CA, '32 Bantam 7.035 7.00 0.035
7 713F 7PRO Lawton Ferreira, Spring Valley CA, '48 To 7.047 7.00 0.047
8 225 7PRO Ronnie Lennon, Sonoma CA, '32 Bantam 7.049 7.00 0.049
9 658 7PRO Joey Steckler, Edmonton AB, '69 Corvette 7.056 7.00 0.056
10 140X 7PRO Brian Darcy, Hesperia CA, '09 N&P 7.063 7.00 0.063
11 7956 7PRO Jeff Rose, Livermore CA, '23 Ford 7.069 7.00 0.069
12 659 7PRO Mike Peck, Redmond WA, '09 Dragster 7.078 7.00 0.078
13 D776 7PRO Bobby Cottrell, Whittier CA, -460 7.081 7.00 0.081
14 U789 7PRO Tommy Schiffilea, San Gabriel CA, '73 Cor 7.086 7.00 0.086
15 7216 7PRO Aaron Wardell, Rancho Cordova CA, '06 Ste 7.087 7.00 0.087
16 7641 7PRO Tony Trimp, Wilton CA, '43 HWB 7.094 7.00 0.094
17 7133 7PRO Ken Rappaport, San Diego CA, '4 RCR 7.104 7.00 0.104
18 791 7PRO Richard High, Lake Havasu City AZ, '00 Tr 7.148 7.00 0.148
19 7212 7PRO Pete Peterson, Trabuco Canyon CA, '48 Fiat 7.148 7.00 0.148
20 7126 7PRO Terri Lynne Brewster, Hesperia CA, '04 N&P 7.154 7.00 0.154
21 610R 7PRO Richard Jordan, Dickinson ND, '15 Worm 7.172 7.00 0.172
22 981 7PRO Dwight Garland Jr., Mission Viejo CA, '13 7.213 7.00 0.213
23 7011 7PRO Bill Webber, Kingman AZ, '05 Dragster 7.297 7.00 0.297
24 7888 7PRO Don Dicero, Vacaville CA, '23 Ford 7.321 7.00 0.321
25 7608 7PRO Jerry Buckley, Talent OR, '12 Comstock 7.345 7.00 0.345
26 6136 7PRO Mark Venance, Streamstown AB, '23 Ford 7.390 7.00 0.390
27 121 7PRO Dave Rosenberg, Long Beach CA, '95 DRE 7.422 7.00 0.422
28 6595 7PRO Reg Deforest, Edmonton AB, '23 Ford 7.441 7.00 0.441
29 750E 7PRO Eily Stafford, El Cajon CA, '01 Hansen 7.542 7.00 0.542
30 778 7PRO Greg Gutierrez, Las Vegas NV, '48 Fiat 7.861 7.00 0.861
31 7249 7PRO Mark Hall, Rio Linda CA, '23 Altered 8.923 7.00 1.923
32 7812 7PRO Andre Pegues, Sacramento CA, '73 Mustang 8.949 7.00 1.949
33 7039 7PRO Chaysse Trimp, Wilton CA, '43 Hew SPL 6.990 7.00 -0.010
34 6532 7PRO Dewayne Sanders, Albany OR, '98 Tuttle 6.989 7.00 -0.011


It's time for the CHRR at Bakersfield. Joey Steckler is the only Rocky driver heading south to battle the FEDs and Altereds. Good luck Joey.


October 30, 2015

Final points are posted.

Cal Tebb repeats as Series champion in 2015. While rain affected a number of races this year including Mission Drayton Valley, and two Edmonton events, it did not deter Cal from a solid season to defend his championship. He won the 1st weekend's point battle, Norm Wolwich won the second weekend's point battle, then Cal won the rained out and completed Mission race at Edmonton. Shane was the Runner-up. At Drayton Valley's race, Sunday was washed out and completed at Edmonton and Cal won a close battle for total points against Shane as well. At the final race held in Edmonton, only one day was completed and Cal also won that race. He ended up almost 100 points ahead of second place Shane Reykdal. Joey Steckler was just 5 points back of Shane. Eight teams competed for points in 2015. The hope is that a couple teams that took the year off or were just testing will battle in 2016. See you in 5 months.

Whenever we have news to reports in the next few months we will have it posted here. If any teams have anything to add to their page or any exciting new stuff to report please email the webmaster or send the news to Joey or Cal.

September 20, 2015

This is the final weekend for the Rocky teams and they are competing at Edmonton. It will be a busy weekend as they have double header to race as well as finish off the Mission National Open wally race and the Drayton Valley event that got rained on the Sunday two weeks ago.

Nina Garron photos

Cal Tebb won the wally race final from Mission Receway over Shane Reykdal. We will post the rest of the results as soon as we get them.

August 24, 2015

Rimbey Alberta.

Nina Garron Photos

This past weekend four of the Rocky Mountain boys ran at Rimbey Alberta. Cal Tebb, Shane Reykdal, Al Weich and Cory Kincaid.

Kincaid is the track manager there and he used his knowledge to set the track record with a 4.37/166mph.

Nina Garron photos

August 20, 2015

A couple days after Hot August Nights Shane and Al ran at Medicine Hat. Nathan Sitko was there as well and Shane got to match race the nitro Arrow.

Here is a couple videos of the nitro vs alky race under the lights. Click on this link for Sitko's facebook page video.





Crew chiefs in training.

August 15, 2015

Hot August Nights

photos by Nina Garron

Hot August nights in Edmonton was a great show with packed grandstands and a huge number of exhibition race cars. We had eight cars come out and make long smokey burnouts and six second runs.

The teams in attendance were Cory Kincaid, Shane Reykdal, Ron Stennes, Joey Steckler, Richard Morrison, Jimmy Fersch, Cal Tebb and Al Weich.

The event was not a points race is was pure entertainment. The show starteed around 7:00pm and the Jets, us, Nitro cars, Fuel Altereds, Top Alcohol cars made two runs.

July 30, 2015

Here are a few photos from Mission last weekend.

July 26, 2015

Canadian National Open


Seven cars including BC local Tyson Wells are competing at Mission for the Lucas Oil Canadian National Open. A couple drivers ran career best numbers in the cool condition on Saturday at Mission.

But some of the runs came at a high price. The two leaders Cal Tebb and Shane Reykdal look ready to battle Sunday after 6.80 runs Saturday evening. But Joey Steckler is done after an engine expiring 6.63/212. And Al Weich may not make the call either after wounding his clutch on the burnout.

Cal Tebb 6.83
Shane Reykdal 6.85
Tyson Wells 7.14
Jimmy Fersch 7.14
Joey Steckler 6.63
Cory Kincaid 6.57
Al Weich broke on burnout

Likely there will be five teams on Sunday.


July 19, 2015

9:00pm update

More photos when I can source them

Winner, winner Alberta Steak Dinner...

Cal Tebb wins this year's Rockys defeating good friend Joey Steckler in the final on a holeshot. Cal ran 7.01/191 to Joey's 6.98/197,

(Facebook photo)

Round one Elims

David Brant only made one run in qualifying due to mechanical issues and it must have been bad enough that he could not make the call for round one. Joey soloed to a 6.99.

Morrison defeated Weich who broke out going way under with a 6.77. He was late also he that is likely why he drove it out the back door.

Morrison went 7.14 for his first ever round win. Tebb went 7.02 on his bye.

Kincaid defeats Fersch on a double breakout run. Cory went 6.87 to a 6.77 for Jimmy.

It was a 6.97 for Shane as he defeats Reg Deforest who ran a 7.24

A 6.94 by Troy Sitko defeats very late leaving 7.18 for Ron Stennes.

Kolwich defeats Cody Anstead 6.97 to 7.17

Mark Venance got a single when Pelrine did not make the call.

Round two

Cal got a single when Mark Vanence could not back up after his burnout, Norm got a single when Morrison did not answer the Bell, Joey also got a freebie when Shane was a no show. The only side by side in round two was a real good one. Cory Kincaid took on Troy Sitko. The two drivers were deadly on the tree with Cory having .003 in the bank. At the finish line Cory took the stripe but he broke out by .031 running a 6.869 on the 6.90 index. Troy was close as he ran a 6.924

Semi finals

Tebb defeats Sitko when Troy breaks on the burnout. Cal runs a 6.893 driving it out the back door. His car is ready for the finals.
Steckler vs Kolwich: It was a 6.98/205 for Joey and an off the gas 7.00 at only 166 for Norm. Kolwich got a big holeshot but was off the gas one breath too early and Joey took the win by .009.

A classic final round match-up between two of the original members of the Funny Car group.

Final round

Cal Tebb gets the win on a holeshot 7.01/191 to Joey's 6.98 197. It looked like Joey had top end problems as he has a fair bit of smoke coming out of the pipes at the finish line.


July 19, 2015

8:00am update

The Pro 6.90 class (this is what the class is named for the Rocky Mountain Nationals) managed to get in their three qualifiers Saturday before an oil down by a nitro Harly and then the rain. Cal Tebb, Joey Steckler and Norm Kolwich lead qualifying for Sunday elimination's.

Here is final qualifying:

1. Cal Tebb 6.91; 202.89 (RMNFC)
2. Joey Steckler 6.93; 205.29 (RMNFC)
3. Norm Kolwich 6.94; 195.82 (RMNFC)
4. Troy Sitko 6.95; 197.46
5. Cory Kincaid 6.96; 201.16 (RMNFC)
6. Al Weich 6.96; 194.38 (RMNFC)
7. Reg Deforest 7.00; 162.16
8. Devin Pelrine 7.00; 203.44
9. Mark Venance 7.03; 196.85
10. Shane Reykdal 7.13; 183.97 (RMNFC)
11. Richard Morrison 7.17; 195.91 (RMNFC)
12. Jimmy Fersch 7.31; 183.45 (RMNFC)
13. Ron Stennes 7.32; 186.95 (RMNFC)
14. Cory Anstead 7.41; 186.10
15. David Brant 11.85; 67.51 (RMNFC)

(Shane's Facebook photo)

Round one pairings

Cal has a bye for round one, Joey races David, Norm races Cory Anstead, Troy races Ron, Cory races Jimmy, Al takes on Richard, Reg Deforest takes on Richard and Devin Pelrine races Mark Venance. Elimination's are scheduled to start at 11:00am.

July 18, 2015

It was not a good day at the Rocky's as the monsoon's hit hard forcing the cancellation of all Friday's activities. The rest of the weekend is supposed to be decent so it will be busy all day Saturday and Sunday. We will update as we get results.


July 16, 2015

The Rocky Mountain Nitro Jam Nationals are this weekend

10-12 of our group will compete this weekend. It is a 6.90 index. Ron Stennes and Richard Morrison will compete for the first time at the Rocky's as part of the RMNFC assoc. Others expected include Jimmy Fersch, Norm Kolwich, Cal Tebb, Joey Steckler, Shane Reykdal, Cory Kincaid, David Brant and Al Weich.

July 12, 2015

Photos off Facebook.

The Spokane Nitro Jam this weekend completed the Pro Class qualifying and Elimination's on Saturday. Congrat's to Cal Tebb for his semi final finish Saturday under the lights.

He qualified #3 with a 6.73 Saturday afternoon, but was off the gas early in the run against Elaine Sellers. She went on to win the race. "Wild Al" Weich failed to qualify. They were the only two from our series to attend the event.

Next weekend is the biggest event for the group, as there are a close to a dozen expected to attend.

More info on the Rocky Mountain race later this week.

July 8, 2015

The first of three weekends in a row for a couple of RMNFC teams starts this coming weekend with Spokane. There were a number of teams expected to attend the event along with teams from the NW/BBFC teams. But just a week before the race the Funny car class rules were changed allowing any TAFC without a screw blower and no index instead of the original 6.75. Not a good decision in our opinion. Cal Tebb and Al Weich a will attend the event instead of the four-six that originally planned on attending.

WILD AL Weich's team page is updated.

July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day


June 29, 2015

Shane and Wilma's new look. Very nice.

(Nina Smith-Garron photos)

Many of the teams will be real busy in July as they compete at Spokane (handful of cars), Then the Rocky Nationals (non poinsts open qualifying show) and then at Mission Raceway for an open qualifying show.

June 10, 2015

Points are posted

It's been a long time coming, but finally Norm Kolwich gets his first win!

(Shane Reykdal Facebook photos and Don Meleshko photos)

After a final round finish at his first race in competition 4 years ago, Kolwich finally breaks through for his first win in Race #2 of the Mickey Thompson, Trail Tire series in Edmonton. He qualified #1 with his strong 6.92 @ 206 mph on the 6.90 index.

He met #2 qualifier Joey Steckler 6.96 @ 209 mph in the final round. It was a close race but it was all Norm, his 6.91 was too much for Stecklers 6.98.

New comer, Richard Morrison who recently purchased the Hodgson funny car, made licencing passes all weekend long. With steady improvement every pass, he finished off the weekend with a 6.98 @ 204 mph to complete his licence.

The Good Vibrations award for quick reaction time went to Cal Tebb for his .042 light in round #2.

Four of the Rocky regulars Joey Steckler, Cal Tebb, Jimmy Fersch and Shane Reykdal have made plans to attend the IHRA Nitro Jam race in Spokane July 10th. The whole group will be back in Edmonton the following weekend for the IHRA Nitro Jam event. Then they're off to Mission BC for the Lucas Oil Canadian National Open July 24 to 26th.

Nice wheels up launch for Richard.

Jimmy had mechanical issues Saturday and did not compete in elimination's

Ron Stennes broke Saturday in qualifying.


May 14, 2015

Updated with photos below (Don Meleshko photos)

May 12, 2015

Weekend #1, Double Header May 9-10


As per usual for the first race of the year a number of race teams were not quite ready to compete. Five veteran teams were in attendance including Shane Reykdal, Jimmy Fersch, Joey Steckler, Norm Kolwich and defending series champion Cal Tebb. New members Ron Stennes in the Chevy II/Nova (he bought from the Sekuras), and Richard Morrison in the ex Hodgson Firebird were out getting acclimated in their new cars.

Ron Stennes one of the new guys in the Association. The new look is awesome!


Richard Morrison (JB's Automotive) bought the ex Hodgson Firebird and was out getting in his first few laps.


After voting last year to run a soft 6.90 index (closest to index on either side of the number) then finding that the timing systems couldn't show the winner properly on the score boards, the guys agreed to make a slight change for this year. Qualifying is based on a soft index (closest to 6.90 on either side of the number) however elimination's are on a hard index. (Closest to 6.90 on the safe side of the number) This way the score board could show the winner correctly.

Jimmy Fersch only ran race one and had one run only, as he wounded the bullet in the Cuda


The weather was beautiful for the beginning of May in Edmonton, highs of about 15 C both days. Track conditions good as they always are in Edmonton, and the competition close as always. The first pair of cars down the track on Saturday were Cal and Jimmy, Cal ran a 6.881 to Jimmy's 6.935. Unfortunately for Fersch he broke on the run (engine) and had a scary ride on the top end. He and his teams were on the sidelines for the rest of the weekend. Next pair up was Shane and Joey, Shane runs a 6.882 to Joey's 7.01, WOW, what a start to the 2015 season.

Shane Reykdal had a good Saturday until the final when he broke the rear end in his Omni



The second qualifier was all Shane, running another stellar run at 6.912. The final was set for day one of racing action, #1 Shane vs #2 Cal. When they meet in the final, they always have great battles. This one was no exception! Cal was off first with his .022 light and Shane wasn't far behind, and caught up really fast. The side by side action didn't last long as Shane's car broke (rear end) just past half track. Cal went on to run 6.93 and got the first win of the year.

The Saturday final was close for 300 feet.


Shane was able to borrow parts so he could return to action again on Sunday. The Good Vibrations quick reaction time award went to Cal Tebb for his .001 light in round one.

Norm only ran race two and went to the final


Joey Steckler has the most laps this year of any RMNFC competitor, as he ran a bunch of laps at the March Meet then a few weeks later at Las Vegas. He used all those runs getting a solid tune-up and he reached Sunday's final round and took home the win.


Sunday was a whole different day, Norm Kolwich had missed the races on Saturday, and had no test passes on his car in 2015. That didn't stop him from qualifying #1 with his great 6.895. The #2 qualifier was Joey with his awesome 6.88 in round two of qualifying. That set up the final for Sunday with two different drivers vying for the trophy. Based on their qualifying times it was bound to be another close race. It started out great with two smoky burnout's, pre stage, stage, and then Norm got a little anxious and left before the tree was activated, ending his race day a tick early. Joey runs it out the back door with another awesome run of 6.891 for his first win of 2015. The Good Vibrations quick reaction time award from race #1 went to Shane Reykdal with his .016 light the second session.

Cal Tebb 90
Shane Reykdal 85
Joey Steckler 80
Norm Kolwich 50
Ron Stennes 50
Jimmy Fersch 20

The winner of the MT, Trail Tire award for highest total points on the weekend was Cal Tebb.

The next race is June 6 - 7 in Edmonton.


April 26, 2015

“The 2015 Race Season is almost here”

(Robert Wilson photos)

The 2015 race season is just a couple weeks away, the first club event is May 9 and 10 at Castrol Raceway Park. We all know how short the race season is so hopefully everyone has spent the long winter getting their cars all ready to go. Noteable is Castrol Raceway is having a Fan Appreciation Day May 9th and thousands of free admission passes have been handed out so there should be a good crowd. The track is also open for testing the weekend before (May 2-3) for anyone interested. Joey will be in contact with track management a day or two before our first club race to get instructions on where we will all be parking so you can get a hold of him then for that information.

Contact Cal or Joey if you plan on attending the opening weekend.

The club is looking forward to all our members showing up, please do not forget to bring your membership dues to the event if you have not paid them by then.

There are a couple new competitors expected in 2015. Ron Stennes, Steve Harris and Terry Hiller are expected to attend a few events in 2015. A couple past memeber will be changing their operations in the 2015 season. Landon Goudreau has a new car in 2015 after his crash last season. Ryan Hodgson is likely upgrading to run Nitro in 2015. I am not sure if he will compete in the class in 2015.

Including the three new competitors, I expect Shane Reykdal, Joey Steckler, Cal Tebb, Jimmy Fersch, Norm Kolwich, Cory Kincaid, David Brant, Al Weich and Roddy McMillen (hopefully he has recovered from his accident last season) will battle all season long for the series championship. Rumors that Hank Weltges will be back for a few events this year as well.

A invitation to all the fans of our class. Please come into the pits during all out events to chat with the drivers, crew and owners about our team and what it is like to race down the track in six second at over 200 mph. We welcome all the fans to come visit us!

Also check us out on Facebook

March 30, 2015

Mopars at the Strip

Jimmy Fersch and Joey Steckler picked where they left off from the March Meet and match raced in Las Vegas. They were part of the exhibitions put on for the largest Mopar event in North America.

Joey won the two out of three match race with two wins on Saturday. Jimmy won on Friday.


Steckler's plan is to race in Salt Lake in just over a month before he heads back to Canada to race the rest of the season.


March 13, 2015

After a great weekend at Bakersfield, both Jimmy and Joey got invited to put on a few exhibition passes at Mopars at the Strip March 27-29 at Las Vegas. The cars will be on display at the East Side Cannery Casino for a concert with the band Queensryche on Friday then move out the Strip and set up and display both cars and 3 rounds of match racing Saturday. The members of the club that compete at these one off events are trying to be good ambassadors for Canadian racers, and generally just have a good time.

The event is an awesome deal and is the biggest Mopar event in North America.


March 8, 2015

Joey Steckler went to the third round in Pro 7.0 before lighting the red light against Jeff Sturgeon. Joey ran his best run of the weekend as well going 7.02, just .02 off the index. Too bad Joey, but a good weekend anyway. Jimmy Fersch was a bit late in his round two match-up and could not catch Terry Brewster.

Round one victory for Joey

March 7, 2015

Jimmy Fersch had the tough task of taking on the #1 qualifier Eily Stafford in round one. Jimmy (with crew chief Serge Dion) could not slow down the car any more than a 6.80 (on the 7.0 index) in either qualifier. At the starting line Stafford rolled the beams and Fersch got a freebie. He drove it out the back door and turned on the win light with a 6.90.

Jimmy takes on #17 qualifier Terry Brewster in round two.

Joey was very consistent in both qualifiers running in the mid 7.0's. He did the same in his round one win over Charles Ware. A 7.06 for Steckler to a 7.14 for Ware.

Joey has #4 qualifier Brian Darcy in round two

Final qualifying


March 5, 2015

Thursday qualifying

7.07/197 for Joey (#5) after round one and 6.80/205 for Jimmy after round one

March 5, 2015

Jimmy Fersch was testing on Wednesday in advance of the first qualifying sessions starting today.


A video from last year of Cal Tebb shot by Robert Fedyk



February 2015

Correction notice... Joey has gone to two finalsin 7.0. Last years "B" and a couples years ago in the "A" (Both at the CHRR I believe)

This year two Rocky Mountain competitors are running at the March Meet. Joey Steckler in the KEG River Corvette (Joey went to the final in the 7.0 "A" a couple years ago at the CHRR) will battle all the FEDs and Altereds and Jimmy Fersch in the "Big West Dodge" '70 Cuda will battle the SOCAL guys.


facebook photo

The 2015 6.90 Rocky Mountain Nostalgia Funny Car Power Tour

Presented by Trail Tire.


May 9 - 10 Edmonton, AB MT/Trail Tire
Race #1 2 day Chicago style shoot out 6.90 Index
Points Race

June 7 - 8 Edmonton, AB MT/Trail Tire
Race #2 2 day Chicago style shoot out 6.90 Index
Points Race

July 10 - 11 Spokane, WA IHRA Nitro Jam Race #1 of 2 race series 6.75 Index
Non Club Event

July 17 - 19 Edmonton, AB IHRA Nitro Jam
Iron Man Race
Qualifying and Eliminations
6.90 Index
Non Club Event

July 24 - 26 Mission, BC NHRA Canadian National Open
MT/Trail Tire
Race #3 Wally Race
Qualifying and Eliminations 6.80 Index
Points Race

August 12 Edmonton, AB Hot August Night 2 Run Exhibition
No Points
August 14 - 15 Spokane, WA Funny Car Race Race #2 of 2 Race Series 6.75 Index
Non Club Event

August 22 Rimbey, AB Funny Car Race
Exhibition Runs
No Points
Sept 5 - 6 Drayton Valley, AB Thunder in the Valley
MT Trail Tire
Race #4 2 day Chicago style shoot Index TBD
Points Race

Sept 19 - 20 Edmonton, AB MT/Trail Tire
Race #5 2 day Chicago style shootout 6.90 Index
Points Race

Good Vibrations Motorpsorts is back as the "Best reaction time" sponsor for 2015 as well.


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